39: The Boxing Philosopher

A tiny teacher by day. A badass boxer by night.

I know, I said I was going biweekly but here I am just one week after my last newsletter. Today a new video is releasing that’s my favorite profile mini-doc that I’ve made in a while so I wanted to share it while it’s fresh.

Quill Kukla is a philosophy professor by day — a small, petite person who you’d never guess has such an exciting double life. You see, during their off hours, Quill is a competitive powerlifter and boxer. And they didn’t start doing either activity until they were in their forties. Now over 50, Quill isn’t planning on stopping any time soon.

I was interested in learning why a philosophy professor was attracted to these sports, and what a philosopher has to say about the intersection of boxing, weightlifting, and aging.

I shot this video for AARP right before the pandemic, and edited it in the first week of lockdown. But it was pretty clear that the timing was wrong to put out a video featuring unmasked crowds in small places, so we held on to it until now.

Enjoy! And share!

Short and sweet this week. See you next time. As always, thanks for reading.