What’s Ironic Sans?*

Back when people still read blogs, Ironic Sans was mine. I tried to write original and evergreen content not just for my regular readers, but to create a backlog of amusement for someone finding my site for the first time. It was well read in some circles, and there’s a good chance you may have seen some of the posts that went viral over the years. The site is still around, and you can poke through the archive.

As Twitter became the new place for amusing thoughts, and after the death of Google Reader and the birth of my kids, I found less need to keep writing a blog. But I still have ideas I want to share that can’t fit in a tweet. I increasingly see Newsletters as replacing RSS — an easy way for people to select content that comes to them rather than having to visit separate sites. And so here we are.

Subscribe and receive weekly-or-less emails with observations, stories, ideas, and essays from me. I have a few good issues planned, keeping in mind that email is not a blog and the content should fit the medium. But I’ll mostly be figuring things out as I go. Your feedback is valuable so I hope you’ll write back. And if you like what you read, tell your friends!

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If you’re a new visitor, read past issues in the archive. I wrote them for you.


*The name Ironic Sans came from the first post on the blog, which suggested Ironic Sans would be a good name for a serif font.