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This was a heartbreaking loss. My brother-in-law, Todd McHatton, was a close friend of Morgan’s. They recorded together as Underbirds, making charming melodic indie-pop/singer-songwriter inspired by the Beatles/Nilsson/XTC, like so much of Morgan’s music. (Their self-titled debut is on Spotify/Apple Music.)

Watching the memorial livestream last week was devastating. Hearing the performances and memories from a tiny fraction of the lives that Morgan touched, but especially listening to Rachel talk about their life together. It’s a tragedy.

Morgan was the best kind of weirdo: intensely imaginative and talented, doing whatever he wanted, and positively impacting every person he ever met. The world was a more playful, kinder place with him in it.

Worth mentioning: the GoFundMe to help the family is still running and has several notable friends/fans as donors, including Natalie Merchant, Lisa Loeb, and John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants.


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